Female Elbow 25mm/23mm/40mm PPRC Fittings

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The quality of our PPRC pipes and other tools are ISO certified and all of our products are made up of food-grade material and 3 type technology.

All sizes are available.

If you have the requirement of bulk quantity. Kindly do let us know!

Thank You.



It is Plumbing materials plastic pipe fitting pn25 female elbow plumbing fittings .

  • Recommended for residential and commercial projects
  • Keeps water temperature normal in extreme weather condition
  • Manufactured with pure food-grade material ensuring pollution free water in its original condition
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Reduce noise in low and high water-flow
  • Technically designed to give convenient and reliable installation
  • Helpful gripping that eases welding work
  • Constant hydrostatic strength


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