Dash Breaker 1 pole 10A

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The Dash Breaker is most used in home and offices for protecting your electricity from  short circuits, its used is very important for you as  well.

Single-pole circuit breakers supply 120-volt power to circuits.

it is automated short circuit observer.

This circuit breaker fit into the circuit breaker box.





  1. A single pole breaker is typically used with 120volt circuits.
  2.  They are constructed with one hot wire and one neutral wire.
  3. This circuit breaker fit into the circuit breaker box.
  4.  They provide a bridge between the main bus bars in the panel that delivers power into your home from the utility company and the circuit wires that run through your home.
  5. The circuit breakers are where the hot wires for each circuit are connected.
  6. This breaker give you free from the short circuits in home and automatically fell down for protection.




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